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For a Brit, this is odd to talk about myself. We don't take ourselves too seriously! But here goes:

My wife and I met on a cruise ship while we were working in different departments. And so, we dated back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean and decided that I would immigrate to the Alamo City in 2006.

Fast forward to today; we have two beautiful daughters, two dogs and a cat.

Since my early teens, I've always had an interest in the arts. I drew and painted with an endless supply of joy and sketchbooks, picking up my first serious camera and staying hooked.

I spent an unhealthy amount of time in darkrooms. Well, not really, but you never forget the darkroom smell; developing rolls of film and dragging prints through chemicals. I still shoot film on a Leica M3 and M6, but now I send my rolls to the lab. Learning from amazing mentors, over time, I've refined my craft heavily influenced by photojournalism.

You see, in the U.K., I was a news photographer covering local stories and sports, managed a studio, and traveled the world extensively in my twenties and early thirties.

When I arrived in the U.S.A., I continued my photographic career shooting model portfolios and headshots. Realizing this wasn't the perfect fit, I started shooting a few weddings, became hooked on the decisive moments and the emotional resonance. Storytelling from the heart was it.

Shooting around 20-25 weddings a year, I capture weddings in San Antonio, Houston, Austin, New York, L.A., and destination weddings.

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