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        What's your style?
        When did you start in photography?
        Do you have a studio?
        Me and my fiancé are uncomfortable having our pictures taken. How can you help us during the wedding ?
        What camera gear do you use?
        Should I give you a shot list?
        What do I need to book you for our wedding?
        I anticipate images. I'm an UNOBTRUSIVE storytelling documentary photographer. In fact, you can IGNORE me. Yes please. Tell your friends and family too. I much prefer it that way. After all, you don't want the cliche cheesy wedding images, right? I photograph your day as it unfolds without forcing direction and capture the life of your wedding as authentically as possible. I'll also click some creative pictures of the two of you and group photos, an integral part of the day.
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        Do you shoot internationally?
        How many images do you shoot?
        Do we get a choice of Black and White or color?
        What is your inspiration for your work?
        Do you have a list of your favorite vendors?
        What albums do you use?
        When must I choose the album design?
        I now photograph all over North America and Europe, British passport ready. I love shooting in my home base of San Antonio, Texas. 50% of my other weddings are in Houston or the Texas Gulf Coast. My recent weddings were in New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Santa Fe and California.
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        How long will it take to receive my album?
        How do we know it will be you who shoots our wedding?
        What about engagement or bridal sessions?
        Do you employ second shooters on the day?
        Do you have liability insurance?
        Do you carry back up equipment?
        Privacy Policy
        Delivery will depend on how long you take to order. I personally custom designs the album layouts.  All albums designs and online proofing are available for ninety days once they have been released to you. You're allowed up to three free design changes. Generally, it can take up to four weeks once the design is approved by you as the books are hand crafted in Alba, Italy. Your custom designed album will be one of a kind and well worth the wait.
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        Can I have the RAW files (negatives unedited)?
        Can I order prints from you?
        Can we receive the outtakes?
        Do you also provide video services?
        How can I book you?
        What do we need to book you?
        How do arrange travel?
        I do not release RAW files. What you will receive are a blend of black and white and color images, beautifully edited jpeg files, along with a printing release. The release gives you full ability to print the photographs whenever and wherever you would like.
        Refund Policy
        I've have never had an unhappy bride, let alone a request for a refund, but the lawyers want this posted on our website in addition to being in the contract signed at booking. We go above and beyond to ensure that you will be thrilled and that you never have to think to ask about our refund policy. Don’t take my word for it though, read some of the independent client reviews we’ve received. With that being said, here is a message from legal: Philip Thomas Photography, LLC (STUDIO) and its photographers specialize in artistic, photojournalistic wedding photography. Due to the nature of event photography, STUDIO does not guarantee any specific image will be captured. CANCELLATION. Should the CLIENT cancel the reservation of the Wedding Date or cancel or breach this agreement, the STUDIO shall retain all deposits and fees paid up until the reservation is cancelled. The STUDIO reserves the right to hire a qualified subcontractor(s) to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement. In the event of an emergency rendering the STUDIO incapable of carrying out its obligations, the STUDIO will endeavor to obtain the services of a qualified and competent substitute. Should the Studio be unable to obtain a substitute, all deposits shall be refunded to the CLIENT as the CLIENT’S sole remedy. If the CLIENT cancels or postpones the original assignment date, if the STUDIO is available on the new date, the STUDIO reserves the right to issue a new contract and charge the most up to date pricing. The pricing provided on this agreement applies only to this agreement for the dates specified. LIABILTY. The CLIENT has hired the STUDIO for its expertise in providing wedding photography and the CLIENT acknowledges that photography is an art. Accordingly, the CLIENT defers to the Studio in determining the best way to document the wedding. The STUDIO shall not be liable for omissions caused by failure of the CLIENT to maintain all agreed sched¬ules or caused by delays due to inaccurate information provided by the CLIENT. The STUDIO shall not be liable for failures or faults in the manufacture or processing of materials or other causes that may reasonably be deemed beyond the con¬trol of the STUDIO. In the event such circumstances prevent the STUDIO from performing its obligations or delivering the agreed product or service, the CLIENT’S sole remedy shall be the refund of any deposits, as a Limitation on Damages as set forth in paragraph 19. Omissions or failure to produce specific images that may be discussed or proposed at a planning ses¬sion shall not constitute a breach of this agreement and/or shall not result in a refund or other compensation to the CLIENT by the Studio.
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