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        Paesanos 1604 Wedding Reception-Philip Thomas
        Capturing 'life', not boring stuffy images

        Primarily, I’m unobtrusive and anticipate the moment; forget couples jumping in the air with red balloons, those type of images to me are clichés and already, out of date trends. As a former press photographer, I use my 25 years of experience and tools of a photojournalist.
        I tell your story with heart and soul for couples who love photography and who are perhaps, shy of the camera or don’t want the cheesiness associated with wedding photography. I have photographed over 350 weddings, most of what I capture is with available light, not just as a style but as a philosophy of shooting. By taking images in available light, I will record the essence of your day, authentically, beautifully and of course, the real moments without the annoyance of direction from a photographer.
        Photographing ‘life,’ I use composition in the frame, geometry, form, light, and content to how I think and perceive the world.
        I hope you enjoy perusing through my wedding portfolio. As you’ll see, I’ve shown only moments that are authentic and not set up by me as a photographer. Many photographers who shoot weddings do indeed hang the dress, or set the shoes, or make sure all the bridesmaid’s dresses are hung up and photographed. However, my opinion though is opposite to that. Instead, I will focus on what I find without setting up shots, and therefore not miss a real moment.
        Apart from the posed group shots, and a few of you and your loved ones together, my typical clients trust me to document their wedding day in a hands-off approach. My wedding portfolio is pretty extensive, feel free to browse around, check out my updated journal/blog, Instagram.

        Philip Thomas is a multi-award winning USA and destination photographer. Widely recognized to be one of the world’s premier wedding photographers acclaimed for his highly coveted, distinctive and captivating documentary style.

        The Way I Work

        I really need your trust to shoot your wedding day the way  you can see in my portfolio. If you have a strict shot list, then I cannot guarantee I will be able to photograph as deeply as you would like.

        My work is defined by my love for what makes us human, EMOTION being just one of those traits that make a wedding day so compelling. Geometry and composition in the frame without the subject being aware of the camera is what I look for in my viewfinder.

        I never shoot to a formula, do not direct or stage photos except for 15-20 minutes of group and couple photos, an integral part of your wedding day.

        I capture the ‘LIFE’ of your wedding day including all the details, in moody monochrome and color. I love to photograph seemingly simple but complex images, all without prompting or directing you. Authenticity is essential to me as a documentary wedding photographer.

        I hope all my rambling wins your vote:-)

        Fortunate to be voted one of the best San Antonio wedding photographers by The Knot and in the state of Texas by Bridebox, I look forward to hearing from you. Check your date here.

        The Way It Works

        After meeting in person at my studio or via FaceTime/Skype and you decide I’m your San Antonio wedding photographer, the next step is to secure the wedding day.


        We do that with a retainer and agreement completed online. I show up on your wedding day in San Antonio or Houston, Texas with my Leica cameras ready to document the day. There are no set hours. I’m there from getting ready until the end.


        Once I’m back at my office, I back up your images, and those backups are backed up. I then edit every single image and will take some time to have ready, usually 6-8 weeks and uploaded to a password protected website where you can share with friends and family. They too can purchase prints from that point.


        You will have a beautiful blend of images in monochrome and color, available to cherish forever.

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