My style

Thrilled to see my pic win in the WPJA 2017 Tri-3 Contest - SEND OFF / DEPARTURE - 2nd Place - Photo By: Philip Thomas from San Antonio, Texas

I document weddings quietly in a documentary style known as wedding photojournalism, with authenticity as no staged photograph can.

I'm everywhere yet nowhere to be seen.

A former news photographer in the UK, my love for photography runs deep — that and coffee 24/7 with my fast-paced family life.

I photograph a wedding day with my heart and passion for the craft of photography. Almost everything I photograph on your wedding day is unscripted, without the photographer directing, and I avoid the wedding photography cliches. The main point is I document life without staging a shot. Sure, I'm delighted to take group photos and pictures of the two of you, an integral part of your special day, but they're pretty quick. I'm hooked on the decisive moments and the emotional resonance.

I don't see myself as just a 'wedding photographer.' I like to photograph many things, be it street photography, landscapes, or documenting my kids growing up.

As a young man out of college, I photographed studio portraits. I learned classic portraiture before becoming a newspaper photographer. Fast-forward to today, I draw inspiration and knowledge by studying masters of art, painters, photojournalists, street and war photographers. I've always tried to be myself and photograph the world around me as I see it.

Bride walks down aisle with father. San Antonio Wedding Photographer

If you google the term 'photojournalism,' the definition is the photographer's recording of moments without deliberate interference. A wedding photojournalist is an observer, and you'll receive intimate, authentic images that tell the story of your day, treasured forever.

This philosophy has carried over to photographing weddings since 2006. I attract couples who prefer to be themselves on their wedding day, not worry about all the photography trends, and grins for the camera. I stylishly document the emotion of a wedding day, capturing images unobtrusively in gorgeous photos that will stand the test of time.

The cool thing is you can just be you, and I’ll handle the rest. I believe in documenting your day as honestly as possible. In fact, please ignore me as I prefer to observe and photograph your experience quietly. All I ask is for your trust that we will capture all the moments organically. After all, it’s not the photographer’s day. It’s yours—your story.

Father surrounded by daughters and son in law