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a father and daughters first dance in a wedding reception

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July 2024

0261 L1004382A flower girl with the bride to the right and bridesmaids counter balancing the frame photographed at The Astorian, Houston, Texas

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September 2023

A bride passes a beautiful painting at The Contessa Hotel on the Riverwalk in San Antonio Texas

A Guide to Documentary Wedding Photography

September 2023

A tourist peaks out with her car in Time Square, NYC -street photography in New York by Philip Thomas - L1000197

Street Photography in NYC

June 2023

In modern times, the dirty pithi is a fun spin where the groom's family and friends throw food items, such as eggs, milk, flour, condiments, etc., to send him off to married life.

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January, 2023

Father and daughter backstage before ceremony at South Congress Hotel Austin Wedding Ceremony and reception L1008704

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December 2023

film love Leica M6

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Start To Shoot Film

November 2022

The Leica M3 and M6

Why the Leica M is so special in my heart

Updated: June 2024

San Antonio Texas. Bride-waits-for-her-ride-to-the-church-at-The-Westin-Riverwalk-has-hotel-guests-walk-past-motion-and-light-Philip-Thomas-Photography

How to start shooting weddings

A list of what to do and not to do!

December 2022

Rain pours down South Congress Hotel Austin Wedding Ceremony and reception L1050013

2022 favorite wedding images of the year

January 2022


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candid natural wedding image 2660114

Upcoming Workshops 2024

October 2023

Paris, 1952. © Henri Cartier-Bresson

Henri Cartier-Bresson: Personal Inspiration

December 2022

Do wedding photographers deserve our respect? Page 1 of 4 courtesy of Professional Photography Magazine

Do Wedding Photographers Deserve Our Respect?

November 2020

Couple steal a kiss during wedding reception under string lights at The Witte Museum Wedding photographer San Antonio Wedding Documentary Photojournalist Leica Wedding Photographer Philip Thomas


September 2023

Grandparents hug bride and groom July 4th Wedding Hyatt Hill Country Resort, San Antonio

100 Leica M9 weddings

December 2020


Henri Cartier-Bresson – 26 quotes

November 2022

South Asian Wedding New Orleans Chandni Tyler New Orleans Hotel Marriott Philip Thomas Photography

Favorite wedding images of 2021

December 2021

Whats in my bag? - Featured on ShotKit

What’s in my camera bag

October 2023

Bride and bridesmaids cross street from St Anthony Hotel San Antonio with skyline in background

Favorite images of 2020

January 2021

The Leica M3 and M6

Why the Leica M is so special in my heart

June 2023

Couple pose on wedding day at The Astorian after sunset with a window reflection, Houston, Texas.

How to become a successful wedding photographer

February 2024

Henri Cartier-Bresson's many examples of perfect framing and composition

The Fibonacci Circle | The Golden Ratio

January 2022