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        Next Presentation October 3, 2019

        Capturing Dynamic Images using Geometry

        Bridesmaids and bride walk to ceremony
        Wedding Workshops 2019-2020 © Philip Thomas Photography

        When- Thursday, October 3, 2019 at 7 pm – Go here for more info.

        What’s is about? I’ll discuss design/geometry in my images, my influencers, and present and analyze examples of how you can apply learnings from the masters of the 20th century to the genre of documentary wedding and street photography.

        Lions Field Adult Center
        2809 Broadway St. (at Mulberry Avenue)
        San Antonio, Texas 78209


        More dates coming in 2020 – Future workshops will offer multiple options depending on your needs:

        Full day workshop: ‘Capturing Peak Moments With Geometry’ – learn how Philip Thomas used his newspaper photography skills turned wedding photojournalist and discovered geometry and the human emotion
        Small intimate hands-on tutoring
        One to one training
        Starting your wedding photography business
        Online portfolio reviews for wedding photographers
        These workshops explore my workflow and how I photograph the world through composition, geometry, form, and content. If you’re in need of inspiration or are just working your way into the shooting life, then I can help. It’s all about what I’ve learned in ten years of shooting weddings. I have nothing to hide. You can ask anything.

        You will leave with an understanding of how to develop your own track to success and how to attract the right clients for you. With over 25 years of professional photography experience and 11 years as a wedding photojournalist, I have the skillset to help you.

        Feel free to contact me. To learn more about me, click here.


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