I’m happy to share that my wedding photography has received recognition from various prestigious organizations, like the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA), Fearless, and the WPPI. My specialty is documentary-style photography, where I capture genuine moments without prompting or direction.
Being a WPJA member since 2007 is a significant achievement for me, as it’s the go-to platform for authentic documentary wedding photographers to showcase their talents. It’s an honor to join this community, as it connects brides and grooms with the best photographers worldwide.
My background as a photojournalist has helped me develop a unique approach to wedding photography. I capture heartwarming moments that are personal and unique to each couple. I aim to tell a story from the heart through seemingly simple but complex images, avoiding clichés and capturing real emotions.
To maintain my membership in the WPJA, I adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards. I’m committed to providing the best service and creating memorable images you will cherish forever.