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Dawn + David’s Wedding at Welfare Cafe, Texas

Dawn and David make an amazing couple and their wedding a couple of weekends ago at Welfare Cafe was one special day.  Back in September, Dawn and wedding planning Lisa Dean, owner of Divine Details and myself met via Skype.  We hit it off and I knew this was going to be something special.

Every wedding is unique. This was no different. The couple wanted their wedding to avoid the many cliched traditions. I’m so fortunate to be their photographer! So with many friends from all over the country, what better way then to sing karaoke throughout the evening. That was seriously fun!

The Welfare Cafe is housed in the original 1880’s building, lovingly restored by the owners in the 90s. Good food, ambience and of course, it’s all Texas style.  I particularly loved the three old resident dogs. I should mention the details are as found. I refrain from setting decor and details and photograph what I find. Why? Well apart from the fact I’m altering reality, in my head I’m changing or altering the truth. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, I’m missing the moments that I love to capture. It’s an authentic approach so I stay true to the real story, and myself. But that doesn’t mean details are not photographed beautifully. It’s my job throughout the day to work the angles, find a rhythm and tell story as truthfully as possible.

Dawn and David- Thanks for the trust. A thoroughly enjoyable wedding.

Check out a number of my favorites below. All shot with a Leica M / 35 Summilux and a Nikon D4. Leave your comment below.

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