053 Historic Hotel Havana San Antonio Wedding+Reception Texas Philip Thomas Photography
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Historic Hotel Havana Wedding + Reception in San Antonio, Texas – Emily+David

I had the pleasure of meeting Emily and David on their wedding day. They exchanged their vows at The Havana Hotel in San Antonio, Texas. This charming boutique hotel was constructed in 1914 and reflects a blend of old and new worlds, reflecting its Pan-Latin heritage.

How they met is one for the books! Every year in June, Seattle comes alive with the Solstice Parade, a vibrant and colorful celebration of art, music, and community. At the heart of the parade is the naked bicycle ride through the neighborhood of Fremont, a tradition that has become synonymous with the event. For Emily and David, the Solstice Parade was a chance encounter that changed their lives forever. Despite being clothed at the parade, they found themselves drawn to one another and became fast friends in the weeks that followed. As they explored Seattle together, Emily got a tour guide to her new city, and David got to see his home through fresh eyes.

For Emily and David, the Solstice Parade was just the beginning of a journey that led them to a life together. Here toward the end of 2023, they tied the knot at Hotel Havana, my favorite downtown hotel, and started a new chapter in their lives.

Here are a few of my favorites from their special day!