This week’s picture of the week shows the reflection of the couple’s first dance through the Skyroom’s glass and downtown San Antonio’s. What’s great about editing images for a couple, like this week for Loran and Andrew, is coming across a picture I missed kinda the first time. Perhaps I didn’t’ recognize why I liked it so much. After all, wedding photographers are dealing with a significant number of images every week. Time does that—Photographers are under constant pressure to get work out in a short turn around. Just ask my photojournalist friends.
However, I rarely look at images as I shoot and will not review a wedding for many weeks. There are numerous reasons why; If I check every picture as I shoot, then I’ll miss important moments that I ‘ll regret. From a photographer’s viewpoint, there’s nothing worse than a feeling like that. After a wedding, I’ll not post images too soon as I’m still emotionally connected to the event, and this blurs my judgment over what is a good photo. I need time to step away for many weeks before returning to the shoot, analyze my work with the cold truth of the day. There’s no one more critical of my work than me, and I thank my parents for instilling me a tough work ethic and keeping me grounded. This picture shows the reflection of the couple’s first dance through the Skyroom’s glass and downtown San Antonio’s.

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