A gorgeous early fall wedding at The Stonehaven at The Milestone (originally The Spring Events Venue) for Allison and Eric’s wedding day. The day unfolded with the couple, family, and friends pitching in to help decorate the venue before getting ready for the ceremony.

I love to photograph smaller weddings, up to around 150 people as I feel the intimacy and energy just seem to be right. I met Eric and Allison at my studio early July and thought they’re a fantastic couple, full of emotion and love for each other. When the day came, nervous energy rose to the surface, especially Eric who’s one of the friendliest guys you could meet.

So, here are few of my favorite images. I post pictures I love, and I enjoy curating images for my couples. The photographs have to show pleasing design, be authentic with hopefully lots of emotional impact, and avoid those wedding cliches.
Leave your congrats for the couple below and thanks for checking out their images.


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