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Rima and Ryan’s Wedding – House of Blues, Houston

Here’s a few clicks from Rima and Ryan’s wonderful Jewish wedding. The ceremony was at the House of Blues in Houston.  If you haven’t seen their engagement clicks, go here to view them. Ryan is co-owner of the amazing brewery located downtown The 8th Wonder. Um, naturally one of the beers (plural) found it’s way to my heart whilst lounging at The Four Seasons.

Incidentally, I should mention this is where the bridal party prepared in the morning before strolling over to the H.O.B. This evening party was just out of this world. I’m sure we will be laughing over the insane fun had by all for many months to come.

Did I fail to mention Franz Ferdinand were in town rehearsing as the bridal party rehearsed Friday night! Pretty cool.

Lovely working with second shooter, Adam Swift, an old mate of mine who flew in from his home town of L.A. And, fun to work with Caroline Meinen once again, the amazing wedding planner Belle of the Ball.

Thank you and leave your comments below.

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