Kate and Jimmy tied the knot at their church, the United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas. Their reception was at the extraordinary Majestic Metro. Loved Kate and Jimmy! They have an amazing story and their images are full of raw emotion and authenticity!

Kate and Jimmy met at their church in the fall of 2013. Three years later with Kate performing in the church choir, she noticed Jimmy leaving through the church back door only to find him waiting for her at the same spot they first met a few years earlier. Within moments, he knelt down on one knee right and popped the question. She said yes!
You can see their engagement photos here.

Which bring us up to the present. St. Paul’s UMC church is beautifully ornate, and I’m delighted to return to this historic church.

The wedding reception at The Majestic Metro is an enjoyable gathering site for hosting fab events. Located in the heart of historic Market Square, Houston’s newest “Hot Spot”, the venue built in 1926 has been gloriously restored since the 1990s.

These are my favorite images captured a few weekends ago. Thanks to my friend and fab photographer, Adam Swift along for the ride.

Right now I think Kate and Jimmy are enjoying their honeymoon in Italy which sounds just perfect doesn’t it? Leave your love for the couple in the comments below!


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