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A couple of weekends ago I photographed Timi and Manesh’s Indian Catholic wedding south of Houston. Shot over two days in Richmond, Texas, the first day was the Mylangi and Chantham Charth at the Houston Knanaya Center. The second day was the Catholic ceremony at a local church and a huge party followed at Safari Texas Ranch.  Their E.Session is here. I’m blessed to shoot one or two Indian weddings a year and I’m fortunate my couples place their trust in me. I’m still amazed by that!

The challenge for any wedding I shoot is to capture the ‘life’ of a wedding day. These include peak moments, but also the feeling for the couples day and documenting the day as they remember it without much posing. That is what motivates me so every images really has to be special. All by avoiding cliched images and attempting to rise my game everytime.

Wedding planner for the second day at the ranch was Shena Cherion of Des-ign, Houston’s top DJ, Yogi and great to see our favorite cinema photographers, Whitney and Alex of Sculpting with Time.

All shot with a Leica M, Nikon D800 and D4. Enjoy and leave your comments below!


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