I met Anna Marie and John for the first time on Saturday, the day of their wedding and was amazed how good they look together. I think this was the first wedding where it actually rained all day (yes, even down here in the south, Texas gets a little wet and cold). Anna Marie’s friends and family had traveled from all over the country and it was just such a very warm friendly atmosphere. What a  wedding!

I was very excited to shoot this wedding as the time line was really condensed into four hours of shooting and I’m always up for a challenge. Then there was the rain storms and the low light and I knew I had to get the shots that told their unique story. The pressure was on.

The hotel for the ceremony was the Indigo Hotel, a last minute change due to the rain and the reception was at The Havana Hotel, downtown San Antonio, a marvelously restored Cuban Caribbean styled hotel, and I get to work with one of my fave wedding planners, Tina Humphrey of Diamonds and Dreams.

Anna Marie and John were brilliant to work with and just so comfortable with each other, we squeezed in a few couple shots right after the ceremony. Red is a dominant theme throughout the hotel and the bar in the basement. Extraordinary low light really pushed the Nikon D3 and Leica M9 to the fullest extent.