Hotel Havana Wedding Ceremony + Reception | San Antonio, Texas | Laura + Joshua

Before I hop off for a summer break, here's a curated selection of Joshua and Laura's wedding images. Hotel Havana has to be one of my San Antonio hotels to capture. The hotel is like stepping into the tropical allure of the hotel's Caribbean namesake. Joshua and Laura are a very warm couple and were a delight to work with on their special day. So, returning to the hotel delivers a challenge to see things with fresh eyes. I hope I captured the emotion in the images as if you're right there with them.

It's been insanely crazy over the last couple of months, and these images are late to the party. But more time in between edits means I can be more critical and less emotional in my selection process. Thanks again to Nikki Olivares, owner of My Forever by Nikki, a wonderful person and wedding planner who made everything smooth.

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