Joey and Nikole’s Wedding – Chapel of the Incarnate Word – San Antonio, Texas

Joey and Nikole’s wedding was one of the hottest days of the year. I think by the time we captured a few formals, the temperature was 115 degrees. No surprising then the limo transporting the bridal party was having trouble keeping up with the extreme temperatures. Joey and Nikole’s wedding was a lovely celebration captured a couple of weekends ago at The Chapel of the Incarnate Word. Reception was at the AT&T Community Centre. Thank you to Brian Shofner who was along for the ride as second shooter.

You can view a few fave clicks from their engagement session here. Below is a collection of my favorite images shot with a Nikon D3,D4 and a Leica M9. As always, I love to receive your feedback in the comments. Thanks for the trust!


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  1. Phil, I’m fairly new to your work but I’ll be following it avidly from now on, it’s excellent. For me, the image in this set that hits the spot, is the gentleman holding hands with the children and the bride. Thats a moment of real emotion and significance. Terrific stuff.


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