Bride and grooms shoes at wedding reception Republic
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Takoma Park, Maryland | Washington D.C | Elle + Josiah | Destination Wedding

A gorgeous low light winter wedding set the tone for Elle and Josiah’s big day, which took place in Takoma Park, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, D.C. This is an amazing couple that I met at a wedding in Houston 2015.

This hip couple met when Elle listened to Josiah, a DJ on her favorite Indie Rock station Sirius XMU. She finally worked up the courage to connect via Facebook and after numerous messages, they began dating. They live in the beautiful neighborhood of Takoma Park, steeped in history with its wonderful people, shops and streets. The wedding and reception was at Republic, this super cool refined bistro with some excellent food. In fact, the best food I’ve tasted at ANY wedding.

I started capturing the wedding festivities from the moment I arrived in D.C. I’ve tried to keep the sequence of images in time order. The first images you’ll see are at their apartment with their lovable dog Porter.  The brunch images captured the next day are at Kitchen Bar in Silver Spring. Fast forwarding to the wedding day, the getting ready images are photographed at Hampton Inn and then the ceremony at Republic.

Thank you for the trust. Click on each image to see larger. Scroll down and leave your congrats for the couple in the comments below.