Gorgeous couple Victoria and Brock stroll through the sprawling Kendall in Boerne Wedding Philip Thomas Photography l1002609
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Victoria + Brock – The Kendall Wedding in Boerne, Texas

This is Victoria and Brock’s sneak peek of their wedding day. I must say, they make a very handsome couple, and they’re great people. Their wedding ceremony was held in the last days of summer at The Kendall, which is a historic hotel located on 5 acres of land, providing a picturesque view of Cibolo Creek and the Boerne Town Square. The hotel was built way back in 1859 and is now a national historic landmark. Really loved working within the hotel, and the light was fantastic. Special thanks go to Nicole at The Kendall and Chris Margain, the second shooter. Victoria and Brock met at a bonfire in San Diego, where Brock was stationed, and she was attending an Art Institute. Sparks flew!

Working as a wedding photographer is a joy, and I feel grateful for it every day. I meet amazing couples, their families, and friends every weekend, and it’s fascinating to see how people from different parts of the world celebrate. Weddings are always filled with emotions; my job is to capture them all – not just happiness. The full range of emotions makes weddings unique, and I take pride in my documentary skill set that allows me to capture those in-between moments that are often the most memorable.

Enjoy these clicks, and congrats to the couple!