Couple on a balcony overlooking the Hill Country at the luxurious Eilan Hotel-and-Spa Philip-Thomas-Photography
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Wedding at Concordia + Eilan Hotel | Leslie + Brandt | San Antonio

A gorgeous classy wedding at Concordia Lutheran Church
and reception at the luxury Eilan Hotel Hill Country, San Antonio, Texas. Leslie and Brandt met in a gym one early morning and started dating after going to a gun range.

Fast forward in time, Brandt popped the question at Painting With A Twist with a raffle set up towards the end of the painting session. A number was called and Leslie had the winners raffle ticket. On the back of the raffle ticket, Brandt had written: “Will you marry me?”. The rest is history.

Thank you to the second shooter on the day, Caroline Lima. The Eilan Hotel is just an amazing surrounded by beautiful views of the Hill Country with the feel of a boutique hotel. The following images are so full of emotion. I’m so thankful Leslie and Brandt for trust in me to photograph their special day, unobtrusively.