Want to be a better photographer?

San Antonio wedding photographer- Want to be a better photographer?

1. Want to be a better photographer? Learn composition and light. Not EXIF data.
2. Forget trends. Ignore cliches. Remember color desaturation of brides holding flowers just a decade ago. Tilt of the camera in almost every frame.. Um…now…prisms of light refraction held in front of the camera lens. Sepia tone, anyone?
3. Buying more equipment will not solve this problem. Education and practice shooting will.
4. Beware of feeling too comfortable in your work. If you shoot weddings, and you’re not nervous the night before, or the morning you roll out of bed to shoot, then maybe it’s time to try something else.
5. ASK for feedback and critique from your photographer peers or mentors. It’s temporary pain for a better you tomorrow. Sounds like a crappy tv commercial. But it’s true.
6. Keep educating yourself. Learn about a photographer you’ve never seen before. Read lots of photography books. Shoot new projects…learn the language of design. It really never ends.
7. Ignore MOST online advice. There are many online experts who love to put you down as they feel better about themselves and they have shitty lives.
8. Feeling crap about your old work, even last years work is a very good sign you’re moving forward. Keep updating your portfolio.
9. Staying within your comfort zone is generally, very little stress. While you can get steady improvements in your work, a new challenging task can create conditions for optimal improvements.
10. I’ve done all the above. We’re all human and I’ve suffered. My ego enlarged and has shrunk.. Stay humble.

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