ADRIANA AND CHACHO ARE AN AMAZING COUPLE and I’ve been so lucky to work with them. You can see their engagement photos here. The wedding on Saturday took place at St.Mary’s Chuch of Saint Mary’s and the reception was at the gorgeous and regal Scottish Rite. The reception was decked out in a Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera theme.

The quality of light was exceptional. I loved working with the angular light and shadow throughout the day, from the getting ready shots at the marvelous old hotel,  the Emily Morgan to the old historic church and of course, the reception.  The day was one big extravagant party, a celebration and unlike any wedding I’ve captured before. At the Scottish Rite, the creative lighting and DJ was hosted by Eric Holtz of Holtz Entertainment.


See a few of my favorites below. Can you figure out which one is my favorite? Clue: Relief.

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  1. Philip, these are all awesome, as usual, but my fave(s) are mom crying (I have a soft spot for the parents! and the railing image (teal fabric) and the way you use shadow and light as your FRIENDS instead of the enemy. LOVE it!

  2. I came across this post and had to comment on your stunning work. You’ve captured the Scottish Rite to perfection, and all of your photos are wonderful. This place holds a dear place to my heart, because it was where my husband and I got married. 🙂 Beautiful work!


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